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Welcome to Pavel Safronov's website

I'm a software engineer who dabbles in fiction writing.




Quotable is a web and Android app that shows random quotes.

The Android version can pop-up regular notifications, so you can get random quotes throughout the day.

The Android version is not yet on the Google Play store, so you'll need to sideload it.


This is an OSS CLI for automating folder/file creation.


This is a web app that allows you to specify a duration (eg. "5:32"), then Hawk will find a song in your Spotify library with that length, and with one click you can start playing this song through Spotify.

Godot 2D shooter experimentation

This is my first real foray into using a game engine, so I'm experimenting with Godot and making a simple 2D space shooter.

Try the work-in-progress game here.

Find Stone Beer

Go app that uses https://find.stonebrewing.com/ API to notify me when Arrogant Bastard is shipped to stores around me. Pushover is used to deliver messages to my phone. This was a proof-of-concept implementation to figure out how to provide regular notifications without running a server.

Quantum Inspiration

This is a similar notification implementation to "Find Stone Beer", but this app uses Australian National University Quantum Numbers API to pick a random Wikipedia article and send it to me every morning. If a particular theory of the multiverse is correct, then every day 256 versions of me will receive a different article, and will thus lead to a slightly different day. Mostly, though, this was just something to do for fun.

Task Heap

Task Heap is a Flutter task-organizing web app. The basic concept here is to have a heap of tasks, then skipping big or complex tasks until you find a task that feels "doable". Eventually, all tasks will get done, as you complete the tasks in the order that works for you.


Dao is a TypeScript version of the game Dao.

Play it here.